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DVD Drive not detected

Manuel Boosch
Frequent Advisor

DVD Drive not detected


we have a customer that has installed VMware ESXi Version 4.0 Update 1 on 10 same HP servers and the HP DVD ROM will not be detected on 2 servers on the Hypervisor. On the other 8 HP servers (same hardware configuration) its no problem. When they replace the DVD ROMs on these 2 servers with different DVD ROMs, they will be detected.

I read in the release notes of the VMware ESXi Version 4.0 Update 1 that there are problems with the TEAC DV-28E-V DVD drive and this can be solved by a firmware update.

Is HP using different DVD ROM companys for the DVD ROMs they are placing in the servers ?

Jan Soska
Honored Contributor

Re: DVD Drive not detected

Yes, HP always has more subvendors of their parts. Imagine your only subvendor has an outage and you can not deliver servers??

btw - couple day ago was released ESX/ESXi 4 update 2. Myabe fixed there? Or upgrade firmware on drives.

Michal Kapalka (mikap)
Honored Contributor

Re: DVD Drive not detected


could you please, replace the drives ???

from working server to one from the not detected cdrom drive servers ???

yes the firmware could fix the problem.