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ESXi 4.1 - APIC 1823

Robert Pettersson
Occasional Visitor

ESXi 4.1 - APIC 1823

Symtom is all network traffic stopps for the VM's. At first it was 1 host at a time. Now it is more random and only dropps 1-5 machines here and there.

Problem with ESXi 4.1 on both HP 370 G6 and HP 380 G7. Get this in the log:

APIC: 1823: APICID 0x00000001 - ESR = 0x40 (1:13:45:30.049 cpu1:4097)

Then a bit later I get 4 of these with 4 different VMNICS:
Network connectivity restored on DVPorts:
"317/0a 41 02 50 1e ff b7 48-67 8b d3 fc 45 fe
1b 79". Physical NIC vmnic1 is up.
2011-02-21 09:11:02

The vmnics are on 3 different adapters to(HP 370 G6). 1st is a 10 Gbit fiber, second Quad port copper, third dual port copper.

On the 380 it is 4 completely different vmnics but they perform the same function as above. Network trafic for the VM's. And it is on integrated adapters + quad nic.

Both machinetypes have the latest bios from december since it dropped the HBA's with earlier on the 370.
Robert Pettersson
Occasional Visitor

Re: ESXi 4.1 - APIC 1823

Firmware DVD 9.20B applied, systembios latest without NMI errors(not dropping the HBA now), and driver version is places at Qlogic 4.0.570. Stabil as of now. If networks dropps again I will place support case with HP.