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ESXi 4.1 Insight Manager Agents

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Brian Proteau
Frequent Advisor

ESXi 4.1 Insight Manager Agents

I've been running ESX with HP Management Agents for 4 years over several versions of ESX. Early on the agents were flaky, there was little information, and they didn't always function as advertised. Now we rely on them for comprehensive hardware monitoring probably since early ESX 3.5 they have been relatively solid with better and better integration with ESX.

I am transitioning from ESX to ESXi 4.1 installable and I am having he same difficulties finding information as I did 4 years ago. I did install the "hp-esxi4.1uX-bundle-1.0.zip" and can do a very basic discovery of the Host but, it isn't useful in its current state.

(1) Is there any documentation for configuring an ESXi 4.1 in HP Insight Manager?
(2) I assume I can still get traps that alert up to the Insight Manager Console. Is that true?
(3) Does SMH still exist or is there some other means for our NOC to drill down to identify a hardware problem?

Any help would be much appreciated. I would think since ESXi has existed for sometime now there would be plenty of documentation but, I'm not finding anything.
Jan Soska
Honored Contributor

Re: ESXi 4.1 Insight Manager Agents

Hello Brian,

I am afraid your point is absolutelly true and transition from ESX to ESXi with HP software will be real pain - Hw monitoring, backup via Data Protector...
I see only option - to push HP via rising support request pointing to not working part and be patient...

Alexander A
Valued Contributor

Re: ESXi 4.1 Insight Manager Agents

I agree, the information from HP and VMware is lacking.

I've searched both sites and my understanding is that the only way to get HP agents on ESXi is to install the HP customized ESXi version. VMware used to link to it but not anymore. You need to get it from HP Software Depot - it's called ESXi 4.0 but on the download page you can select the 4.1 version.

1: yes, I think HP has some docs, and VMware has a white paper called "Management of VMware ESXiâ ¢ on HP ProLiant Servers"
2: yes
3: no, there is no SMHD for ESXi. You should be able to browse the hardware status in both vSphere Client and HPSIM.

I am about to try this version for a scripted installation.
Occasional Visitor

Re: ESXi 4.1 Insight Manager Agents

I noticed there is no update package from 4.0 to 4.1 on the downloads. What are the options if I installed the VMware version of 4.0 and want to get the CIM agents installed. Do I have to rebuild the servers?