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ESXi 6 Microserver Gen 8 SSD Persistent Storage problem

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ESXi 6 Microserver Gen 8 SSD Persistent Storage problem

Looking for help I am new to Esxi and the HP Microserver Gen8


I have installed HP's ESXi v6 without  problem onto an internal Micro SD card.

I have an OCZ new SSD installed in slot 1.


I ran this command to ensure the drive was clean (I think it is right)

partedUtil mklabel /dev/disks/t10.ATA_____OCZ2DARC100______________________________A22L1061509001582___ msdos

I see the drive in VSphere client when I try and add as persistent storage the progress does not change and hangs.


The following error seems to be looping if I check the status please see the image.



 "WARNING : SCSILinuxAbortCommands:1837:Failed, Driver ahci , for vmhba0"

seems to then loop on hard resetting


Can anyone give me some guidance on this please ?


Thanks in advance


Re: ESXi 6 Microserver Gen 8 SSD Persistent Storage problem



One of the reason could be drive showing as Non-SSD.


Check if the SSD is detected properly; go to Host/Configuration/Storage/Devices and check drive type it should show either SSD or Non-SSD.


In case it shows Non-SSD try tagging the drive as SSD, follow the below link which provides the steps to do.





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