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ESXi VSphere package on a C7000 w 16 x Blades

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ESXi VSphere package on a C7000 w 16 x Blades

Hi all


This is my first post in relation to ESXi, and I am a newby to virtualisation on an enterprise scale.  I am trying to teach myself since getting access to a C7000 enclosure with 16 x blades.


I am trying to determine the high level software layout, and the steps I need to take to have a completed ESXi implementation across 16 blades that will allow me to share and move all resources on a whim.


(Part A) I think my understanding of the ESXi Vsphere package is correct?

VSphere is a name for the package.

ESXI Server is the raw operating system that needs to be installed across all 16 blades

ESX VCenter software I must install onto only one of the blades that is running ESXi Server and I install this right ontop of the ESXi Server on that blade.  I use VCenter to manage all 16 blade resources

ESXi Client is what I use to connect over the network to the VCenter server


Is this correct?



If the above is correct, then I assume from here the basic high level steps are;


Part B

Power on the C7000 and assign in 2 IP addresses (one for each OA interface)

Plug the C7000 into the existing network switch

Open a browser and connect to that C7000 enclosure via the IP address of the active OA module

Log into the OA web front end with the username and password on the OA device

Once in, I need to perform an update to all components (Still not sure how to do this, or in what order)

Download ESXi Server from HP website (Not sure if there is a one-size-fits-all option)

Put ISO onto USB and plug USB into OA USB Port

Install ESXi Server on all 16 blades, one at a time, via OA web admin console.

Install ESXi VCenter on 1 of the blades.

Access VCenter via a laptop connected to the same network, using ESXI Client

Manage the rest of the installs etc through this ESXi Client



So I guess my questions are;


1)  Are my assumptions and explanation in Part A correct?

2)  Are my assumptions and explanation in Part B correct?

3)  Is there a one-size-fits-all IOS image I can download for a C7000 running 16x HP Proliant BL460c G6


Thanks so much in advance for any help!