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Hey Guys,


Wondering if you could help. I am configuring a HP DL380 G7 as a stand alone Esxi 5 box. I have verified the offline bundle is installed.


I have setup esxi to forward trap alerts to an orion server we have. I can see the VMware traps but the compaq hardware traps do not show up.


I can confirm that the HP CIM information is showing up in the client. Also when i one of the power cables as a test it shows up in the client but no trap is sent.


I setup an identcal server a few weeks ago and this works with no issue. They are both on the same esxi and HP offline bundle.


The command i ran on both are -

esxcli system snmp set -c community
esxcli system snmp set -l warning
esxcli system snmp set -e yes


esxcli system snmp set --targets 10.X.X.X@162/community


Any help would be much appreciated. I feel like i am missing a step with regards to the HP mgt agent.