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Failed to create Datastores with vSphere 5.1 / Proliant DL 380 G8 / MSA P2000 G3

Failed to create Datastores with vSphere 5.1 / Proliant DL 380 G8 / MSA P2000 G3

Dear all,

I'm running totally crazy on a installation issues with a ESX5.1 cluster on HP Hardware. The 2 servers is are HP Proliant DL380 with 2 onboard 10 GB EN NIcs (used for iSCSI) and a additional 4 port 1GB NIC for the Management Network and Public Network.

Both servers are directly connected to a usinmg the 10 GB EN Ports to the HP MSA P2000 G3 storage system host ports using SFP+ connector cables from HP.


On the storage I created 2 vDisks, one of these (preferred Controller A). On the first vdisk I created 2 Volumes which will be used to put 2 vmWare Datastores on. I mapped the volumes to all hosts ports and to all esx hosts.


In vCenter (running on s seperate Proliant server) I configured a vSwitch with 2 uplinks to the storage system. I also created 2 vmk Ports as iSCSI connectivity ports

In the Storage Confiuguration I can the the Broadcom Adapters as iSCSI Adapters and configured the msa target ports. Using vmkping I can ping the msa ip addresses from the ESX hosts.

When I rescan the iSCSI Adapter I can see the luns mapped to the dirffernt hba's.

This is all like it should...


Unfortunately when I try to create a Datastore, the creation failed mostly...."Failed to create datastore"

I was able to create a Datastore twice, but after a while the MSA Controller crashed. This controller crash is absolutely related to vmWare, since we do have this behaviour also on an other site with exacvtly the same configuration.


When I look into the vmware Syslog, I can see that the iSCSI Adapters seem to have problems to login to the storage, however there is no authentication defined...


So may be some people here can answer the following questions:

Does anybody has a running ESX 5.1 cluster with DL380 G8 and MSA P2000?

Does anybody has realized a cluster with direct connection from Server hba to Storage System (without Switches) on 10 GBit EN?

Can anybody give me a hint in which direction I should look?


Kind Regards



P.S. This thread has been moved from VMware>General to  ESX. -HP Forum Moderator