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Failures against host profile


Failures against host profile



A New Installation of ESXi 5.0 was carried out and created a host profile out of it and the host profile was applied to another server, both the servers are of same config but getting host profile compliance as Noncomplaint and error as below.


Compliance Failure 

Failures Against Host Profile

Found extra CIM-XML Indication Subscription on local system for query SELECT*From CIM_ProcessIndication sent to destination file://

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Re: Failures against host profile


Hello, I have same Issue,


I host profile I remove " CIM-XLM"   Subscription.

The error disapear, but i dont know actually if it' change the comporment for HP SIM and the action of Hardware Management.

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Re: Failures against host profile



I'm experiencing the same issue here, but there's no solution posted.



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Re: Failures against host profile



this message is by design, because the URL is different for each host system. Just uncheck the option in the host profile.

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Re: Failures against host profile



One of my friend has obseved that the Host Profile error is created because when you enable SNMP on a host, and then apply the profile, the host then generates the CIM info.


The way around this is to create the host profile from a host where SNMP is already enabled (thus filling out the CIM info for you). Or creating a new "temporary" Host Profile from another host with SNMP enabled, and copy + paste into your newly created Host Profile.