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HP DL380P ESXi 5.0 x Smart Array Controller

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HP DL380P ESXi 5.0 x Smart Array Controller


I have an HP DL380 Gen8 and installed ESXi 5.0 and 5.1 both were downloaded from HP.
And when I connect to the VMWare client and go on "Configuration" displays a "Warning" on controller "HP SmartArray 420i Controller: Embedded: HPSA1" the only information provided is "Firmware Version: 3.42"

Does anyone know how I can solve this problem?


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Re: HP DL380P ESXi 5.0 x Smart Array Controller

Hi, i got the same probleme with ESX5.0 U2 and a BL460C Gen8 (firmware and drivers are updated). I also cleared IML and other logs.
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Re: HP DL380P ESXi 5.0 x Smart Array Controller



After some research and testing we managed to solve the problem.

01) Install ESXi 5.0 or 5.1 on the HP server;

ESXi 5.0 for HP =

ESXi 5.1 for HP =

02) After installing the ESXi config an IP for remote access and enable Shell and SSH;

03) Download the package (The hp-version NOT work);

04) Transfer the package for the ESXi server via SSH;

05) In SSH access the folder / var / log / vmware /

06) Now run the command:
     esxcli software vib install-d-hp

07) Restart the server

Ready now there should be no further warning on the controller.


I hope I helped

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Re: HP DL380P ESXi 5.0 x Smart Array Controller

I ran into this issue a few months back and eventually realized the same thing you did--the 1.4 bundle is just broken.  However, back then the current release on vibsdepot was "oct2012" and I realized that VMware Update Manager (VUM) was pulling down the latest, greatest bundles due to me pointing VUM to  Long story short, it turns out HP had a "feb2013" release out at before it was ready for prime time, or so I thought (the "feb2013" directory actually disappeared after a while, then came back with all the other drivers included in it, which were not there originally).  Unfortunately it still seems broken.


However, I had a hunch that maybe the issue is with the hpsa SCSI driver as they've got an updated version in the feb2013 release that they recommend you use (see HP SmartArray section of  The new version is 5.0.0-40 vs. 5.0.0-28.  However, see my new thread at for all the gory details on this hassle of a driver update.  In addition, even after I manually applied it, I'm still getting the "warning" message on the SmartArray controller in vCenter.


One question for you, however.  Did you get the warning message even when using the HP customized image?  It sounds like you did, but when I tried that, I thought it worked fine (it has been a few months and I've forgotten and don't really feel like trying it again).  I really don't want to use the HP image because while it has some current drivers in it, it generally is missing a few driver updates that our environment requires.

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Re: HP DL380P ESXi 5.0 x Smart Array Controller

I'm told that the latest HP Offline Bundle fixes the issues with the hardware status warning

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Re: HP DL380P ESXi 5.0 x Smart Array Controller

Thank you as i followed your instructions and when I went back into the vSphere client my warning was no longer their. I am in a normal state. thanks.

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Re: HP DL380P ESXi 5.0 x Smart Array Controller

Good afternoon.

after much searching and locate an solution to this error down this link

the file are listed, which apply to the server that had the ESXi5.1,

run the command from SSH esxcli software vib install-d, restarted the server and it works, so if it takes a while to climb one scares him the delay but descance this.

I hope this will be helpful