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HP Insight Control for vCenter has blank Virtual Connect Status?


HP Insight Control for vCenter has blank Virtual Connect Status?


I have HPSIM 6.2 running on Windows 2008 Server. Everything is working perfectly.

In addition to multiple BL460c G6 servers, I am monitoring several BL490c G6 Blade servers across 5x C7000 Enclosures. The Blades have the ICE licenses applied & The vCenter Server has the Insight Control plug in (v6.2) installed.

The configuration has been set up for communcation to the HPSIM Server, Username & password has been enetered for the iLO's, the Onboard Administrators & the Flex-10 Virtual Connect modules.

Everything is reporting in correcty in vCenter - except for the Virtual Connect modules - which is blank.

The login credentials are correct & the url to the Virtual connect lets me connect & log in.

Does anyone know why the status in vCenter is blank?

Blades are running ESXi 4.0 U2 with all patches. They are running hp-smx & system management v02.07.17

I have attached a file for you to look at & hopefully explain what I mean...