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HP VMware ESX/ESXi support

HP VMware ESX/ESXi support


I will buy a DL380 G6 server and will run VMware on it. For HP server specific tools (diagnostics etc.), I must have the HP version of ESX/ESXi.

My question is that if I buy a VMware license from another provider and install HP VMware ESX/ESXi, will I get support for the HP part of VMware ESX/ESXi or not?

Michal Kapalka (mikap)
Honored Contributor

Re: HP VMware ESX/ESXi support


in my opinion, its better to install non HP branched Vmware, but its up to you if you like a support from HP or directly from Vmware ( vendor ).

i think if you buy from some vmware provider/distributor, original Vmware, and get a serial number from him, maybe the serial number will be possible to use in the HP modifiied Vmware, but the support from HP will be not possible, because you dont bye, any support from them.