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HPE Custom ISO 6.5 update 1, 3Par issues

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HPE Custom ISO 6.5 update 1, 3Par issues


Just installed two BL460c Gen9 with the HPE Custom ISO ESXi 6.5 update 1.

Hosts are connected to StoreServ 7200 and 8200 thru VirtualFabric module and  16Gbps Brocade switches. When volumes are presented from either StoreServ the boot process takes extremely long time to complete, more than 40 minutes. If no volumes are presented the boot will take about two minutes as normal.

 The boot process shows satp_alua loaded successfully for several minutes before switching to nfs4client loaded successfully and stays there for at least 15 minutes before boot continues.

This behavior occours both when default Path Policy for MRU is loaded during first boot but also after default path policy is changed to values that HPE recommend (RoundRobin, IOPS=1 etc.).

Existing hosts installed with ESXi 6.0 are not affected.

Any ideas?

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Re: HPE Custom ISO 6.5 update 1, 3Par issues

I was able to narrow down the possible source of problem: RDM's used for Microsoft Clustering and came across this article that solved the problem.