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How do you deploy ESXi 4.1?

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How do you deploy ESXi 4.1?

I am curious how everyone is deploying ESXi4.1. If you are using RDP, how do you run the script that sets the network information (hostname, ip, dns etc...) Is it a script that runs after the install? Does it set it during the install?

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Re: How do you deploy ESXi 4.1?

The network info is set in the file

- kickstart-en_us.cfg

This is the 'snswer' file used by the installed that is launched via GRUB.

Note: if using windows to edit this file, ensure to use notepad.exe to edit it and not more functional editors as they have a tendancy to chnage the encoding of the file which will break it when the linux PE tries to invoke it!
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Re: How do you deploy ESXi 4.1?

dear friend

Y dont u use iLO?
If u use it, it is easy to write even scripts.

If u have problem with th writing script, u must enable it on ESXi, press F2, set the user and password, then in troubleshooting section, enable both ssh and the other one, with this, come back from configuration section and press alt+F1 to enter in console and alt+F11 for exiting the console