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IM Agent 8.4 on ESX 4.1

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IM Agent 8.4 on ESX 4.1

Hello every1, first post here, really appreciate every help you could give.

I just managed to install hp management agent on a BL465c G6 with ESX 4.
Everything is working fine but SNMP.
When I go to managing SNMP from the web page and send an example SNMP trap to my address (systemcontact myaddress in snmp.conf) anything happens.

And here I stop. Cant find anything anywhere to solve.

Any hint??

Rob Buxton
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Re: IM Agent 8.4 on ESX 4.1

If you search the HP Systems Insight Manager forum you'll find posted examples of the snmp.conf file. Check there, you may find what you're looking for.