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IPMI BMC error message on ESX console; ESX is (mostly) frozen

Frequent Advisor

IPMI BMC error message on ESX console; ESX is (mostly) frozen

I had an issue with a BL465c G5 BIOS A13 03/12/2009, iLO 1.70 Dec 02 2008 hosting ESX
The host replied to pings, but was otherwise unresponsive (no TTY, no VI Client, no VMs).
Checking the console, the F1 console session showed the error:

ipmi message handler: bmc returned incorrect response, expected netfn 7 cmd 2f, got netfn 7 cmd 31

I could type in this session and got an echo, but no real response. I could switch to other sessions and typed 'root' to start logging in but got no prompt for a password.
The IML and iLO2 logs show no events.
I eventually decided to force a reboot of the blade server. ESX came up OK.

Any advice why this happened? ESX version? HP SIM agent version? Firmware version?
Cheers, Barnaby
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: IPMI BMC error message on ESX console; ESX is (mostly) frozen

Sounds like _another_ problem with iLO firmware and the management drivers. Ask the Windows people who have been struggeling with broken combinations for _months_.