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Installing OneView for Vcenter v8.1

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Installing OneView for Vcenter v8.1

I've not intalled oneview before onto Vcenter but I have a couple of questions.

I'm running on Gen9s with Storevirtual VSA and VMWARE 6.0update 2 and the Vcenter Server Appliance. I don't have OneView itself set up but I assumed I can just load this from the OVA and it will allow me to manage storage(?)

1) The installation instructions explicitly states:

"IMPORTANT: If your server has vSphere Web Client installed, you must log out of the web client before installing HPE OneView for vCenter. If the vSphere Web Client is running during the HPE OneView for vCenter installation, the product does not register with the vSphere Web Client automatically, and the HPE Management tab will not be accessible from the vSphere Web Client."

It then tells you the way to install HPE OneView for vCenter is using the web client

How can you install it using the web client if you have to log out of it to install it?

2) The template appears to create three network adapters which you have to put on to the correct networks. However it doesn't explain what those three will be used for and therefore what to set them to.

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Re: Installing OneView for Vcenter v8.1

Is this the right forum for this question or does anyone know a better place?

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Re: Installing OneView for Vcenter v8.1

Probably a better place:



Hope this helps!

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Re: Installing OneView for Vcenter v8.1