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Lose console connection after connecting ISO to vm

Kevin Pelletier
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Lose console connection after connecting ISO to vm

ESX 4.1 fresh install connected to HP EVA4400. I'll lose the console connection after a while if I connect an ISO file to the vm.
Running mgmt-vmware restart will bring it back up for a bit.

additional info:
I have eight HP BL460-c G6 blades (Intel 2 x E5530 32gb) and it happens on all of them. The ESX servers are standalone. I had connected a few to vCenter to update them to see if the issue went away but it did not. Initially installed the HP supplied media but re-installed the vmware downloaded media on three but that did not make any difference. Does not matter if it is only one vm running with the ISO attached or many, Sometimes it happens within a few minutes and sometimes it take an hour or more. I have ten 500gb volumes attached to all eight blades.

Re: Lose console connection after connecting ISO to vm


this is strange behavior,
where is the ISO image stored
where is the esxconsole.vmdk stored is it on the local datastore or the EVA4400
is the console partition modified or installed with default settings
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