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New to the ESX support world

James Schroer
Occasional Contributor

New to the ESX support world

I've been given about 10 ESX 4.0 servers that I need to start monitoring. I have no experience with ESX or Linux. I manage about 1000 windows server and familiar with Windows PSP but not sure how to get ESX servers to report back to HP SIM. I've downloaded the System Management Homepage and Management agents but not sure what the difference is or if I need both. Any guidance for this newbie would be wonderful. Thanks
Frequent Advisor

Re: New to the ESX support world

Do you run HP SIM. If not I would reccomend using a fresh install of the Insight Control. This is based on HP-SIM, but has all the plugin's loaded (which may not function if you upgrade from HP-SIM 5.1 or older)

You can use Insight Control to capture your ESX and Linux hosts (without paying for and using the Virtual Machine Management Pack)

I suggest you request the Trail on the link anyway, and if you find the features valuable then you can purchase the rest of the HP Insight Control license.

If not, you can still use the interface to capture and report on all you Windows / ESX and Linux servers.



Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: New to the ESX support world

You need the entire PSP for ESX. There's an update of the SMH available, you can apply that afterwards.
Expand the tar file and have a look at the Readme file.
There's also a file hpmgmt.conf.example that you can use with as a bit of editing to do a silent install. details in the readme file.
I recommend this as you get a consistent install of the agents and most importantly snmp. It should set up the RO and RW community names and trap destination.
Just like windows, snmp is used for identification and traps, so snmp comms is two way.
It mostly looks the same except you don't have a VCA.
James Schroer
Occasional Contributor

Re: New to the ESX support world

Sam, I already have an HP SIM setup and all I need to do is monitor the hardware of these ESX servers. But I'll take a look at this Insight control. I've never heard of it.

Rob, That's just what I needed but I didn't know how to do any of that in the Linux world. I found someone that tinkered with Linux before and we hammered though our first install. I used WinSCP to upload the file and PuTTY to connect. This is the first time I've ever connected to a Linux box.

Anyway thanks for the responces I have 3 of the boxes reporting back to my HP SIM server now so I think I have and idea what needs to be done.
James Schroer
Occasional Contributor

Re: New to the ESX support world

With a little help from some Linux people I was able to get this installed and configured to report back to my HP SIM box.