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RDX500 support on ESXi 5.0

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RDX500 support on ESXi 5.0


I have a HP DL380 G6 server with a HP RDX500 External Removable Disk Backup System running ESXi 5.0 how can i configure a virtual server so it can use the RDX500 tapes?


Thanks in advance



Re: RDX500 support on ESXi 5.0



I do not see any support for the VMware Platform for this particular product.


But as you stated this needs to be connected to a Virtual Machine running on ESXi 5.0. In vSphere ESXi 5.0 we have two different types of USB passthru configuration.


  1. Host-ConnectedThis has been available since vSphere 4.1, this allows a USB device plugged directly into the ESX/ESXi host to be passed through to a virtual machine
  2. Client-Connected - This feature became available with the release of vSphere 5.0, this allows a USB device plugged into a user’s workstation to be passed through to a virtual machine via the vSphere Client

There are also now two types of USB controller available for virtual machines to utilize:

  • EHCI+UHCI controller - This is the classic USB controller allowing the usage of USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 devices
  • xHCI controller - This is the newer controller type allowing the usage of faster USB 3.0 devices, virtual hardware version 8 is required to use this controller

Alternatively we can try this configuration and check if that works.


Click here for vSphere Virtual Machine Administartion Guide.

Refer Page 153 to 174


Caution: Do not add unsupported or untested devices to your production servers. Unsupported or untested USB devices might not operate correctly or as expected and can interfere with host or virtual machine operations. Before you add unsupported devices, carefully test them on your non production servers.




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Re: RDX500 support on ESXi 5.0


I read the documentation and was able to add the device to the vhost.

Im going to test if the device works as intended and will post any findings.