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Trouble installing ESXi 4 Bundle on BL460c

Joshua Post
Occasional Contributor

Trouble installing ESXi 4 Bundle on BL460c

I recently installed ESXi 4 on 3 HP BL460c G1 blades. I don't have any hardware monitoring since I don't have the HP mangement tools installed. I downloaded the offline installer and tried to install it using the remoteCLI as described in the HP article, but I get an error:

C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware VI Remote CLI\bin>vihostupdate.pl --server --install --bundle c:\temp\hp-esxi4.0uX-bundle-1.1.zip
Enter username: root
Enter password:
unpacking c:\temp\hp-esxi4.0uX-bundle-1.1.zip ...
metadata.zip.sig does not exist
signature mismatch : metadata.zip
Unable to unpack update package.

I've redownloaded it a couple times but no go. I am not sure if this is my computer reporting the error, or the VMWare server. I am using Vista SP2 to launch this. Any ideas how to get this install going?
Joshua Post
Occasional Contributor

Re: Trouble installing ESXi 4 Bundle on BL460c