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UPS and shutdown management under HP ESXi 4

Nick Walton
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UPS and shutdown management under HP ESXi 4


I am planning a "one box" VMWare project using the HP custom ESXi 4 running on a new Proliant ML350 G6. I have an HP T1500 G3 UPS unit to provide battery backup but can find no information about how to set up management of virtual machine shutdowns in an ESXi environment.

Is there any HP Power Management built into the HP custom ESXi 4 hypervisor?

Can the T1500 UPS take a network card upgrade to talk over Ethernet?

What is good practice in this area when I will be running 4 virtual machines on ESXi but have no other management server running?

Thanks for your help,

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Re: UPS and shutdown management under HP ESXi 4


I have about the same question except working with DL380 G6 and a APC UPS