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VMWARE and Server 2008 64 bit Compatability Issues

John Locke The Real One
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VMWARE and Server 2008 64 bit Compatability Issues

Is there any problems running applications in the VMWARE Environment using OS:Server 2008 R2 64 bit
Any resourceful links, good info, etc.. to provide me a good background on this subject is appreciated.
Thank You

Re: VMWARE and Server 2008 64 bit Compatability Issues


Find the url which talks on the compatibility of windows 2008 version on ESX servers and also find the KB articles mentioned which might cause an issue with windows 2008[]=-1&os_bits=-1&os_use[]=-1&os_family[]=-1&os_type[]=-1&rorre=0

coming to the application running with in the supported guest OS, I would suggest best to check with the application vendor on the kind of resource requirement for the application, one example I could give is IBM websphere which is not an good candidate, though it runs on an virtual machine provided adequate resource available on HOST and Guest OS

you can also find some technical papers here
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