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VMWare server not connecting to server

Occasional Advisor

VMWare server not connecting to server


I have installed vmware server console 1.0.5 on Windows 7. When i tries to connect my own machine using "localhost" OR using my system name, it gives me below error:

Not connecting to host:
Problem in connecting:cannot connected to host
no connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

Thanks in advance..

Honored Contributor

Re: VMWare server not connecting to server

VMware Server Console 1.0.5?

From that, I see two possible causes:

Since VMware Server 1.0.5 was released in early 2008, it probably doesn't have any specific support for Windows 7 - for example, it might not automatically open the necessary ports in the built-in firewall of Windows 7. Check your firewall settings, and allow the necessary ports as listed in the VMware Server installation instructions.

You might want to upgrade to at least VMware Server 1.0.10, which is the latest version in the VMware Server 1.0.xx series.

Even Server 1.0.10 is rather old today: for Windows 7 systems, I'd generally recommend the latest release of VMware Player 3.x:

(Unlike the earlier versions, VMware Player 3.x *can* create new VMs: it is not restricted to running pre-created VMs only.)

If you really installed only the VMware Server Console component, then there is no actual VMware Server on your own machine for the Console component to access.

The Console component is available separately to enable remote administration of VMware Server installations on other systems.

When you install VMware Server, the Console component comes with it automatically: you don't have to install it separately.