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VMware ESXi customized version for HP Proliant servers

M. N.

VMware ESXi customized version for HP Proliant servers

I am going to install VMware ESXi on an HP ML350 Proliant server.

I downloaded the HP customized version of VMware ESXi from page


Let me ask some questions:


  • Is this the currect forum for the HP customized ESXi version for Proliant servers? If not, can anybody please provlde a pointer to the right forum?
  • I am downloading an .iso file whose name is VMware-ESXi-5.5.0-1331820-HP-5.71.3-Sep2013.iso ; Is it the right .iso file for all Proliant servers?
  • I am going to install VMware ESXi standalone free version on some Proliant servers that won't be managed by vsphere. When I install the standard ESXi version provided by VMware I need to ask for a free product key from VMware; where can I get the free product key for HP customized ESXi version?
  • Can I use the same product key for several servers? How many servers can I activate with a single product key?
  • If I install VMware ESXi on a server to be sold to a customer, can I use the prduct key I downloaded or should I require a different product key for every server/curstomer?





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Re: VMware ESXi customized version for HP Proliant servers

1) Close Enough
2) Yes the HP ISO is for all ML/DL/BL servers
3) You still get the Product Key from VMware.
4) I don't know, I would check the VMware site when you go to request the first one.
5) The Key you get MIGHT be tied to you, so I would check again when you request the key. BUT, you get 60 days of grace period after installing ESXi before you have to put in any key at all. So why not just skip the key process and then have the user/customer create a vmware.com account and request the free key themselves and stick it in?