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VMware Fault Tolerance DL360 G5 compatibillity

Andreas Lamprinidis
Occasional Visitor

VMware Fault Tolerance DL360 G5 compatibillity

Hi to all,

I am planning to upgrade my VMware VI3 to VMware vSphere4 in order to be able to use the FT feature.

Searching in VMware's site and using a tool that is called "Compatibility guide" I found that DL360 G5 with Intel Xeon E5430 CPU is not supporting this feature allthough DL380 G5 with the same CPU does.

Is this a mistake, does it mean that the system is not tested yet but it may support the feature or it really does not support it?

I tried to post a question to their site but I was informed that I should ask here because I have bought VMware software from HP.

Thank you in advance.