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Operating System - VMware
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VMware virtual machine failes to start "kernel panic - no syncing: Oops" hp_ilo:init_hpqci +320

Occasional Contributor

VMware virtual machine failes to start "kernel panic - no syncing: Oops" hp_ilo:init_hpqci +320

I have a Proliant ML350 G5 server running REL 4x with hp management software installed v8.1.0? installed.

I wanted to run VMWare Converter to simply convert the physical server to a virtual machine on a ESXi4x server and the conversion seemed to go well.

However; when I attempt to start the VM it goes through the motions and eventually ends with the kernel panic error (see attachment).


I think this may have something to do with the HP_ILO module which is installed in the physical unit but VMWare does not like it.


I'm thinking that I may have to disable or remove all the HP software on the original physical host and then do a VMWareConverter conversion again but I am not very familiar with the HP software and since this is a production server I really don't want to remove anything that could cause me any problems on the next reboot or in any way take it down. I don't want any surprizes due to something I didn't consider so I don't know if disabling or removing the HPASM packages would do anything or not and if I did remove them all will my server still function normally?


My objective is just to get a working copy of the physical server as a VM just in case something happened to our main production unit but this error has stopped me in my tracks and I have never encoutered anything like this before.

Most conversions go very smoothly.


Thanks for any assistance.