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Vmware Esxi 3.5 HP SIM WBEM


Vmware Esxi 3.5 HP SIM WBEM

how to i set my server with esxi to monitor my hardware on esxi using hp SIM AND WBEM on esxi 3.5 the hp esxi install has built in WBEM agents how do i set this up.i would like to monitor my hardware

Lekshmen Kannan
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Vmware Esxi 3.5 HP SIM WBEM

If the ESXi server was built from an HP distribution of ESXi then it should have the appropriate wbem installed.

From the HPSIM side you need to subscribe the server to wbem indications.
Not at work, so can't give the exact path to the option, check under options->events.
Also ensure you're set up to receive unregistered events.