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maintenance mod

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maintenance mod

Hi Guys,


I have an Esxi host runnong HP BL460c G7 and I want to check the tim in the bios, I vmotioned all the vms to the another Esxi host. Do I need to put the first Esxi host in the maintenance mode then use ILO to reboot the Esxi host and enter the Bios? 


Re: maintenance mod



To Check and Set the System and Hardware times follow the below cmd from the cli of the ESXi host. This should help you to find the time without restarting the server.


To see the current time:

esxcli hardware clock get
esxcli system time get


To set the correct time:

esxcli hardware clock set
esxcli system time set

-d|–day = Day; -M|–month = Month; -y|–year = Year; -H|–hour = Hour; -m|–min = Minute; -s|–sec = Second



ESXi uses UTC time and does not support changing time zones.



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Kashif Ahmed

Re: maintenance mod



Yes, please put the host into maintanance mode and then change the system time.


For ESX hosts, you can visit the folliwng weblink: