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vSphere on an MSA1000

chris sales

vSphere on an MSA1000

hi everyone. I am currently running VI3 on an MSA1000 dual Raid controller / disk shelf setup. I want to propose an upgrade to vSphere to take advantage of new features but the HP MSA1000 is not on the VMWare Storage HCL. After speaking to VMWare they stated that they can only provide support on hardware that is on the HCL - which is fair enough. But does anybody know why HP have not validated the MSA1000 for vSphere ? VMWare suggested it might be to do with the changes to pathing policies and Mode types between ESX3 and vsphere. Currently we use the 'Path selection' setting of 'Most Recently Used' for our LUN's .... The 'Most Recently Used' option is also available in vSphere so i dont see what the difference woud be. Does anyone know if HP will be validating vSphere so that it goes on the HCL ... or ... will HP support a storage related issue if im running vSphere attached to an MSA1000 ?
Michal Kapalka (mikap)
Honored Contributor

Re: vSphere on an MSA1000


check this thread :

i think this is a good explanation.