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vSphere with HP Devices

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vSphere with HP Devices

I have 2 units of HP DL380G7 servers used for vSphere ESX servers. These 2 servers have 8 network ports each and 2 Fibre cards each.

All the fibres are conected to 2 Fibre switches.

I have a HP StorageWorks 2324gc G2 dual Controller and a HP StorageWorks Dual Domain I/O Module MSA70.

I have 24 x 146GB hard drives and 12 x 300GB hard drives for these 2 SAN.

Please advise what is the best performamce and HA configurations.

Michal Kapalka (mikap)
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Re: vSphere with HP Devices


i don;t understand, you get the HW without any concept for the implementation ????

Andreas Behncke
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Re: vSphere with HP Devices

Hi, the answer from mikap is right, you should plan the Cluster bovore you buy your Hardware.

But in your case build a Cluster where the Hosts are Y - Zoned and the Arrayformatting is for Linux Cluster.
Here is a doc for more information:



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Re: vSphere with HP Devices

Dear friend, i believe the two experts is right, but let me some hints for u as my experience:

I have three dl380 with one FC SAN and a FC SAN Switch,I connect all the SAN, and three servers to san switch by fiber channel, connect all the network port of the server to the cisco switch, then run three esx on three servers, use the server's storage as main storage of ESX and SAN's storage as main storage of VMs.
Running virtual cluster using EVC Mode and VMHA, FT and DPM and other features.
for these features u dont need any configuration on your physical hosts.

If it helpful, let me know.

Steven Clementi
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Re: vSphere with HP Devices

Lets discuss your environment a little bit?

How many Vm's are you planning on running?

What features are you looking to use with vSphere? (FT?, vMotion?, HA/DRS?)

What ESX licenses do you have?

Are you going to use ESX? or ESXi?

The Storage Array you mention is kind of foreign to me. Did you mean 2324fc? Is this a P2000 array? (a MSA).

How much memory is in the servers?

Steven Clementi
HP Master ASE, Storage and Clustering
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