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HP OO and BEA WebLogic

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HP OO and BEA WebLogic


I have some troubles with BEA WebLogic.

I try to retrive information about server runtime via Query Server Runtime, i fill all required fields, run the process and always get error "Unsupported protocol: http ...".

The same problem i also have with Check Application State.

Have anybody met sImiliar problems?

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Re: HP OO and BEA WebLogic

[ Edited ]

I found the cause - http protocol wasn't enabled on WebLogic server. I changed protocol to t3 and port to 7001 - process works properly.


But i've met to other problem. I have cluster - 1 admin server and 2 managed nodes, all applications work on managed nodes, but i can't get any information about applications (for ex. application state) directly from managed node. Managed nodes don't contain domainruntime directory. When i try to get information about applications that work on managed nodes through admin server - i get information about 5 applications (total 51) only.

Have anybody met this problem?

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Re: HP OO and BEA WebLogic

WebLogic application has State, Health, Type and Deployment order (in web console).

Does anybody know how can i get Health data of application?


Also i discovered that "Check application state" can obtain data only for single tone applications (that work on single node) and can't obtain data for cluster applications.