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OO execution URL

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OO execution URL

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Is there a way to include OO credentials into a flow's execution URL to bypass OO login? I can do this with the command line option but that doesn't allow user prompts which I want to have.





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Re: OO execution URL

I had the same question and I posed it to HP Support. The answer provided was simply no. You will always be prompted for username and password.
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Re: OO execution URL


If just bypassing the OO login for a flow's execution is your objective, then it is possible.

First step is to enable single sign-on for OO central using Windows AD. For detailed instruction on how to set this up, refer to OO Administrator's guide.

After enabling SSO for OO Central, you can
- Enable SSO for starting a flow from outside Central
- Enable SSO for the Central Web application

The elaborate instructions in the Admin guide will help you do this.

Once it is done, you will be able to logon to central without being asked for login & you can even run headless flows if you choose.

Hope this helps !! :) .

Thanks & Regards,
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Re: OO execution URL

Also check the SDK guide.  you can pass username and password via wget.