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Running PL/SQL procedure

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Running PL/SQL procedure


I have huge PL/SQL procedure (it generates xml file).

So i am wondering, what is the best way to run this procedure?

Should i format it as it shown in example (it will be VERY long string :) ):

It is possible to run PL/SQL procedures using this operation. The examples below present the syntax to be used for having the same effect as the following PL/SQL script:

Example 1: BEGIN send_message(addressee=>'b@hp.com',sender=>'pas@hp.com',subject=>'Test',message=>'Test');END;

Or there are other ways?


And is it possibe to get result of PL/SQL script?

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Re: Running PL/SQL procedure



It is not possible to get directly the output of the PL/SQL Procedure. But if your output has only one output, you can do it using a function with the SQL Query Operation.


SELECT your_function(inputs) function_result FROM dual;


Another way is to get the outputs is to write the outputs into a temporary table and then select the outputs with SQL Query operation at the preceding steps.


To run a SQL Command operation you can set the command input as a normal PL/SQL Script. For example :



 insert into some_table (column1, column2) values('${value1}', '${value2}');

p_some_procedure('${input1}', '${input2}');  /*p_some_procedure(input1 in varchar2, input2 in varchar2);*/





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Re: Running PL/SQL procedure

I got agreement with DB admins - procedure will be stored in DB and run directly from it. I think this is the best decision for me.