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row count in excel sheet

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row count in excel sheet

how can get the count of the number of rows in an excel sheet

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Re: row count in excel sheet



You can use the operation /lib/op/filesystem/windows only/excel/Get Row Index by Condition.


You will need to choose a column which will contain the most amount of row data (or loop through all your columns) and use that as the columnIndextoQuery.


Then set operator to != and set value to Use Constant. Add a result field from output field rowsCount.


This will return  a count of rows up to the last row found in that column which has data. However, it won't consider any blank cells in that column up to the last row; if you need to count the blank rows as well you will need to use the operation again but this time set operator to be ==. You can then add the two results together.


Hope that helps.