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Victor Velasco Esparza
Occasional Visitor


Dear all,

I have a K370 and I want to buy a FC60 with one SC10, the problem is that in the quote of the FC60 is about US$81,000 and there are a strange part that is a Single Controller with 256 MB for US$18,000, I think that it is expensive and I don't know if it really necessary.

I need to improve IO performance, do you think that the FC60 its able to transfer more than 100 MB in >15 seconds?
Mike Keighley
Frequent Advisor

Re: FC60

The "single controller" is the heart of the FC60. It is the component that does all the caching, striping, etc. You certainly can't leave it out.

There is also a "dual controller" alternative, for people who want redundancy.

I have a L2000 with FC60 that can do 100mb in 5 seconds, never mind 15 !

I would question whether your D-series has enough CPU and I/O bandwidth to drive a FC60 at full speed though ?

Since cost is an issue (isn't it always?!), have you considered
the FC10 (fibre channel disks, but no cache controller), or
the SC10 (without the FC60 controller) connected by Ultra2 scsi ?

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