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HP 300MX

James Rosenfelt
Occasional Visitor

HP 300MX

What Vendors Currently support this product? Which product(s) works to be the best for HSM. I looked at Veritas Storage Migrator but it ccurently doesn't support Win2k or the 300MX. I need a good HSM product from a company that's been in it for a while and will remain in the HSM market.
Karen T
Occasional Advisor

Re: HP 300MX


There is a solution finder that is available on our web site at the following url:


At this location, you can search for specific software vendors or you can choose the "Custom" option to select your operating system, type of storage needs, type of networking, type of business this will be used in, etc.

This should assist you in your search for software. Most of the companies have been in the optical storage software business for sometime. If you need more details about the vendor, you can usually find the company information on their respective web sites.

Hope this helps!
Karen T. HP Customer Contact Center

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