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HP CD-RW's faulty?

Blaine Walkinshaw
Occasional Visitor

HP CD-RW's faulty?

I purchased a HP 8100 CD-RW drive, about 9 months ago. I have one major problem
though, the CD-RW that came with the HP 8100 has become useless in both my
CD-RW drive and my normal CD drive. Is this a problem with the re-writable CD
or my 8100? The icon shows up on the screen with a different label name it's
now called "CD". In the properties of this CD is says that 650MB is used and 0
bytes are avaliable. Even though when I open the CD up there is absolutly no
files within. This occurs on my CD-RW drive and CD drive. Is this just a faulty
CD-RW? Does this mean that I'm going to lose all the information on the CD
because of a faulty CD-RW from HP or is there a way of retrieving my data? Does
anybody have some information tha could possibly solve my problem?




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Bob Light
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP CD-RW's faulty?

Try the attached link to navigate to the support site for your product. Phone
support or email support is available. Currently no HP support is available
in this forum.