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HP DVD writer 840b

Re: HP DVD writer 840b

Seems need to add myself to the pot. I was doing fine with CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R. But DVD-R DL, and DVD-RW. Seems even Lightscribes utility says it doesn't recognize the disk. I've gotten only a couple of DVD-DL to work and thought I had found the fix but trying to do another fails. I've tried the latest firmware and different types of burning software and determined that I'll just buy a decent drive somewhere else. Normally I buy HP and had good luck. But seeing multiple customers having the same problem and lack of HP really responding to the problem is not a good indication.

Preston Jimno
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Re: HP DVD writer 840b

I am having the same issue with TWO HP M7248n PC's the DVD R/W drive on BOTH are having the SAME ISSUE!!
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Re: HP DVD writer 840b

Has anybody thought about a class-action against HP? It really seems rather ridiculous that a company as large and "reputable" as HP should be okay with the fact that they are selling products, which they are very aware of, amount to nothing more than junk. I'm very disappointed in HP's Media Center m7250n because 90 percent of what I'd like to do revolves around utilizing the cd/dvd burner which worked for only about a month. Then the laser writer stopped burning on the image side of the disc. I managed to correct that problem, now the cd's aren't recognized on the data side of the disc. Dvd's were never recognized so I've never been able to burn a video or slideshow project. I've been all over the web trying to fix these problems, but to no avail. It seems that everyone else that has some kind of version of this machine (numerous they are) have the same, little to no success, problem I've encountered. It's outrageous that a good majority of my time on my computer is spent trying to fix problems with my drive when I should be enjoying the creative aspects that are offered with all the programs on my computer. The only thing I can successfully do on this darn thing is check my email and use the internet! It's nauseating thinking about how much money HP has made on this system. They show little to no concern for the people who spent their hard-earned money on a product that amounts to a piece of rubbish! Anyone own a Dell, or other system, that has provided them with a consistently good experience? I'm not even going to waste any more of my time with HP on their help line when I know it'll amount to nothing more than a waste of 4+ hours and a major headache with no positive results. I'm absolutely fed up!
Well Duh
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Re: HP DVD writer 840b

Ok this may seem dumb. But I noticed that at least recent OEM Nero Express does not automatically switch between DVD and CD mode based on what disc you put in the drive.

Up under device you will see your DVD/CD writer listed twice. Once with (DVD) and once with (CD).

So if you remember to manually flip flop from CD to DVD or vice versa -- things might work.

Not sure if buying the full version of Nero "fixes" the behavior to where the user is not responsible for setting the device to the right media type. Really funny when the Nero utility for media information is integrated. Several times with generic unlabeled media I could not tell which media I had left on the desktop until I used the utility.

But I can tell you that if you have a DVD-R in the drive it will not work if the drive mode is set to CD.

I have not figured out why I cannot write DVD-RW though. Could be I just got offbeat media though.

Re: HP DVD writer 840b

Não sei mais o que fazer, e a primeira vez que estou usando me HP dvd 740, mas estou com todos esses problemas.


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Re: HP DVD writer 840b

Hello Jilson,

Can you re-post this in English?
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Re: HP DVD writer 840b

Hi Annie, This is Jilson,

Sorry for wrote in portuguese.

What I was telling is my HP dvd 740b is the first time I use it and I don´t know what to anymore, it does not work fine I have the same problem that everybody has.  Is there anybody to help me ?.


Thanks. It does not read dual layer midea also does not record it to.


I did upgrade it from HP the firmware but didn´t solve the problens.


Not 840b,  in front of the panel is HP dvd 740.