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Help! Help! Data recovery from Cd Writer 7200

Alan Miller_7
Occasional Visitor

Help! Help! Data recovery from Cd Writer 7200

I was moving all my data from hard drive to the CD writer (external 7200
series)as I have a new PC arriving soon and am selling the old one.

Unfortunately, there was an error, and the writer no longer identifies that it
has an almost full CD in it(that isn't closed off).

Is there any way that I can salvage the information on that disk?

The only error message I recieved was ' A device connected to the system is not
functioning properly', which I believe is the printer, (and the cause of the
problem as it bombed out causing the glitch?)

Any help would be very very much appreciated!

Regards, Alan



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Bob Light
Frequent Advisor

Re: Help! Help! Data recovery from Cd Writer 7200

If your unit is under Warranty, you can get
e-mail suppport or phone support. If it is out of
warranty, pay phone support is still available.
At the current time there is no HP forum support
for your product.

Jim Wormell_2
Occasional Visitor

Re: Help! Help! Data recovery from Cd Writer 7200


You seem to be describing two possible problems. The error 'A device connected
to the system is not functioning properly' may or may not be associated with
the missing data.

Make sure your CD Writer is functioning correctly with a new CD. If not,
uninstall the printer and reinstall your CD Writer.

Once the CD Writer is working correctly with a new CD, proceed on to recovering
the missing data.

From your description, I'm going to assume that the disc is a CD-R disc created
using Direct CD.

You need to perform a test to determine the status of your disc. Disconnect the
data cable between the computer and the CD Writer. Insert the disc. The light
on the front of the CD Writer should blink and then either stay on or go off.

If the light goes off, the disc may be lost.

If the light stays on, you have a good change to recover the data.

If you have Window 95 or 98, go to Windows Dos Prompt. Change to the CD Writer
drive letter. Do a directory command. If you see the directory structure of the
disc, you should be able to use the Dos "copy" command and copy the files back
to your hard drive.

If you do not see the files using the directory command, go to the CD Writer
support site and download the Direct CD update to 2.5d. After updating Direct
CD, run the CD Writer scandisc utility on the disc.

Good Luck! I hope this helps.

7200 Support page: