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Optical Jukeboxes and Drives
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L1000 and Surestore optical 40fx don't talk.

Steve Lewis
Honored Contributor

L1000 and Surestore optical 40fx don't talk.

We have plugged our ancient 40fx into an L1000 through the single ended SCSI port. I added the drivers and rebuilt the kernel and we can see everything (see attachment ioscan).

However the mc command comes back with a no such device error.

# mc -p /dev/rac/c0t0d0 -r DSIM
ERROR: No such device or address

I am very experienced at creating device files for these things and I'm sure that I haven't made a mistake. Does anyone have any ideas?

Vincenzo Restuccia
Honored Contributor

Re: L1000 and Surestore optical 40fx don't talk.

ERROR: /dev/scsi/3: No such file or directory

If the default SCSI pass-through device file does not exist and no other device file is specified, then the above error message will be printed
John Griffith_3
Valued Contributor

Re: L1000 and Surestore optical 40fx don't talk.

Hello Steve,
I've been trying to reproduce your problem with the MC command, however am not running into any issues.

I'm assuming that you are running 11.00 operating system? You're correct in that your special device files appear fine, however I did notice that you don't have any files built for the drives? This should not impact anything but it was just an observation.

You may want to go ahead and run the 'insf -e' command to automatically regenerate the device files just to be sure (as long as you have SSRFC and SCHGR loaded this will do all the work of building the files for you).

Let me know how this progresses, and any additional info regarding the server.

Steve Lewis
Honored Contributor

Re: L1000 and Surestore optical 40fx don't talk.

I do have files for the drives. I just didn't bother listing them. They are still coming back as sdisk in ioscan. I also tried using sctl and spt for the arm, forcing the drivers in the kernel system file with the 'driver' directive.
I have a feeling it may be because the 40fx is a low voltage device whereas the L class SE bus is high voltage, but if so, why does it appear in ioscan?
I also tried a later model of jukebox with later firmware, but to no avail.