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Omnibook 2100 hdd upgrade

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Omnibook 2100 hdd upgrade

This is my first time in this forum. I hope it is as helpful as the other forum I frequent. The people there are awesome, but I didn't get an answer to this. In case you should need another excellent source of help the other forum is at www.winguides.com/forums

Anyway, I'm taking suggestions on where to look for a solution to this problem. I'm out of ideas.

I have a HP Omnibook 2100 (266MHz, 288MB RAM (256MB + 32MB integrated), Pheonix BIOS)with a 4.3GB IBM Travelstar hdd. I am trying to install a 20GB IBM Travelstar hdd.

When I first got the 20GB drive it had Windows 2000 on it from it's previous residence. I installed it in the Omnibook and Win2K started to boot. I shut it down before the boot completed. Even if it would have booted I didn't want to change the existing install because the drive wasn't mine yet. In any event it seemed to work OK. The 4.3GB went back in the Omnibook.

I then agreed to buy the drive. So I installed the 20 and the 4.3 drives, with IDE adapters, in a testbench tower and ran Ghost to clone the OS on the 4.3 to the 20. No problem.

I put the 20 in the Omnibook and it would not boot.

I notice the BIOS only sees 8433 MB of the 20GB. So I updated the BIOS with the tool provided by HP for Win2K on the Omnibook 2100. Now the BIOS sees the full 20GB.

Still no boot.

I the reclone the 4.3 to the 20, this time making sure that the partition on the new drive is below 8GB.

No boot.

I delete all partitions on the 20, and create a FAT partiton. I formatted the FAT partition. I have insured a clean drive. I clone the 4.3 to a 7.5GB partition.

No boot.

I take the 20 to the testbench tower and plug it in. It tries to boot Win2K.

So where is the problem? Obviously with the notebook or with the Ghost clone.

If the BIOS is able to see the full drive, why not boot? And if the problem is with the notebook, why was it able to boot when I first got the drive?

If the Ghost clone is bad, why are other computers able to see it OK? What about it might exclude the notebook but not others?

Any suggestions? What am I missing?




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