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Omnistorage & NFS

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Omnistorage & NFS

A Jukebox connected to K410 (HP-UX11.0, 32bit) and installed Omnistorage 3.11 (32bit). I set a MFS (5GB) and bound it to a volume set. It's OK on local system, such as migout and migin.

I wanted to use this MFS on V2200 (HP-UX11.0, 64bit), so I exported and mounted it on V2200. K410 was NFS server and V2200 was client. Then, I did such test:
1) On V2200, copy a 100MB file to this NFS, it's OK. The HIGH-WATERMARK is 80, it will not migout automatically.
2) On K410, manually migout this file. It's OK.
3) On V2200, copy this migout file to local /tmp. It fail. System say: "NFS server no response". At the same time, Omnistorage hang up on K410.

It seems that I could not trigger Omnistorage's migrate in NFS client, but this operation is OK on local system.

How can I use this jukebox on V2200?
There is a will, there is a way.
Glenn L. Stewart
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Re: Omnistorage & NFS

I have a similar setup to your K410/V2200 setup.

I currently use a K560+jukebox using
A.03.00.00 OpenView OmniStorage HSM

HSM filesystems exported to six servers (5xK,1xT).

Example: T600 /etc/exports
/hsm/dart/sd -access=machine.domain.com

which is NFS mounted on the T600.


I have had NFS time out errors with particularly large files. Most files on the MO's are quite large - Oracle database archiving.

Try copying a small Mig'd out test file from the HSM server to the NFS mount.

Glenn Stewart
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Re: Omnistorage & NFS

Hi, Stewart

Thanks you for your advice. I got 64bit ver of Omnistorage recently and connected the jukebox to v2200 directly. So, NFS was not needed.

Thanks again.

There is a will, there is a way.