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UDF for HP E5200ex Optical Disk Drive

mahmoud mashni
Occasional Contributor

UDF for HP E5200ex Optical Disk Drive

Dear Replier,

I am a reseller, i have to provide one of my customers with one HP SureStore E5200ex Optical disk drive, this customer is interested in enabling this drive to read UDF formatting utility, his OS is Win98,WinNT,Win2000, & Unix Now the questions are :
1. From where Can i get this UDF utility?
2. If it exists,is it available for all OSs above or only for certain OS.
3. If it exist, How to install, Operate & format optical disks on this drive?
Eric de Lange_2
Respected Contributor

Re: UDF for HP E5200ex Optical Disk Drive

Hello Mahmoud,

Your customer will need a software package that will write UDF disks under the operating systems you mention. I don't believe that many OS's support UDF natively (maybe Solaris and Linux)

One example is Optisys software ( but I guess there are many more packages out there. Most of the better packages will support Mainstream unix (HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, etc) as well as the M$ operating systems.

Hope this helps,