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Unable to burn DVD-R

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Mattias Fransson
Occasional Advisor

Unable to burn DVD-R


I have a nx7400 laptop equipped with the TSSTCorp TS-L632D dvd-burner.

The other day I tried burning a disc, the burn processes was slow but finnished without error, the disc however contained no data after the process.

I have tried this several times in every way I have come to think of, but the result is always the same.

Today I tried burning on a DVD+R disc instead, and odd as it might seem that worked flawlessly.

Burning CD's have never caused any problems.

Is it so that this burner cannot burn DVD-R? Or is something wrong with my burner?

Thankfull for any replies!
xiaowei zhan
Occasional Visitor

Re: Unable to burn DVD-R

I think this dvd burner probably has flaw.

Honored Contributor

Re: Unable to burn DVD-R

I think this question should have been in the windows forums.
Google says thatthere are driver issues with this device in both XP and Vista (which you don't mention what you have). This URL has two microsoft links with useful information.
Mattias Fransson
Occasional Advisor

Re: Unable to burn DVD-R

I ended up replacing the unit.