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auditing problems with serial # in 88146J WORM Disks

Federico Marini
Occasional Visitor

auditing problems with serial # in 88146J WORM Disks

Part of our process of financial auditing is copying information in WORM Magneto Optical Disks. Then we sign and stamp other papers indicating what information is recorded in each disk.
Recently we have moved from HP Surestore 1300T to 5200ex and of course from 92920T disk to 88146J. Then we realize that the serial number in the new 5.2 Disk is the same in 10 of the 15 disk we have purchased this is not the case for the 1.3 Disks beacause each one of the older disk have a different number.
So the questions are: The numeration in the 88146J Disks is different from the one used in the older disk ? is there any chance to distinguish one disk from another ?
There's technical informating about the numeration in the disks ?
Thanks in advance.
Best regards, Federico.
Eric de Lange_2
Respected Contributor

Re: auditing problems with serial # in 88146J WORM Disks

hello Federico,

I don't think the number is a real serial number but more a LOT number. All disks from the same batch will have the same LOT number.

Are you using this number to differentiate between disks in your software ?