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cdrw 7200i firmware update

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cdrw 7200i firmware update

i am having a problem with the 7200i firmware update to 3.01. when i try to update it, it says "unable to detect CD-Writer software which includes support files required by this program" then it goes on to list steps to get to custom installation menu. i don't have the original software, i lost that long ago, and it's stupid to require it for a firmware update. i am using windows 2k now. it stopped working when i went to win 2k. i looked for updates and stuff on your web sight and found the firmware update, but it won't run without this software. is there a switch or something to turn off the check for this software or some work around for this. the drive is a few years old so it is not under warranty. i want a free answer, don't tell me to call tech support and get charged some stupid fee. if you can't give me one, then i'll have to just scrap the cdrw and get a new one (not an HP if i don't get a free solution).



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Re: cdrw 7200i firmware update

Not long ago I received a notice from HP stating that Windows 2000 is supported on the CD writers, but requires an software and driver upgrade. They also went on to explain that this upgrade was NOT free. Take a look at http://www.hp.com/cposupport and track it down to your model number to get the complete info on all this. The info will probably be in the 'Setup & Maintain' section but could also be in the faq.