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cdrw 7200i firmware update

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cdrw 7200i firmware update

this comment is actually to tim malnati, who "answered" my previous question.

i don't need software, i have software that works with win 2k and the drive. and according to your sight there is no updated DRIVER for win 2k needed, it just uses the one that come with the os. i just need the firmware update. but i can't make it install because it keeps asking for what i guess is the original software, which i don't have and i am not wasting money on, especially when i can get a NEW drive WITH software AND FASTER speed for less than $175. also i saw a posting of the same question from someone else, and they were told they would have to call the tech support and have them help, which i am not wasting money on either. all i want to know is if it is supposed to ask for the original software, if so, is there a way to by pass this so i can install the firmware update or am i just stuck.



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Tim Malnati
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Re: cdrw 7200i firmware update

In your original message you stated, "i am using windows 2k now. it stopped working when i went to win 2k." Now you say, "i don't need software, i have software that works with win 2k and the drive." Is it working or not?

I'm not an HP employee, so there is little I can do in terms of providing you with software. You lost the original software cd, not HP. I suppose it's possible that you could restore the needed files from a backup prior to your upgrade, but there are probably some needed for the system32 or system and inf directories as well. My guess is that you will probably run into some registry issues as well. I don't know of any published software hacks, but it's also possible that the firmware upgrade may actually need some of the original files.

How you proceed is your choice. My only suggestion is the software upgrade cost is far less than spending $175 for a new drive. It's up to you.