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update HP dvd writer 200j

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update HP dvd writer 200j

bonjour , existe t-il un update du graveur HP dvd writer 200j ???

Hi, where is the update of the HP dvd writer 200j ?? I didn't find it ...

can you show me pease ...

Best regards
Merci beaucoup

My system : Hp pavilion 773.fr
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Re: update HP dvd writer 200j

Here is a link to the drivers and download page for the 200 series DVD:

Just select your O/S.
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Re: update HP dvd writer 200j

many thanks

But.... I have install this update , on this link http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?product=90936&os=228&lc=en&cc=us&tool=softwareCategory&dlc=en&softwareitem=pv-13993-1

And during the install , the PC brutally died out and DVDRom Reader disappeared from my system completely , and I can't open it now ! I never found it now.. it does not function any more...

it is broken down since the installation


What can I do ?



Re: update HP dvd writer 200j

This will depend on your operating system, go to control panel - add hardware; the wizard will start; it will ask you if you have already connected it. Mark yes. It will display all connected devices; look for the dvd and select it, then click next. Verify the status. If you have XP, clicking finish will start the troubleshooter.

Another way is to go control panel - system, on the dialog window, select the hardware tab, select device manager, look for the drive you want and right-click on it. Verify it is enabled; if it isn't, enable it. If it is already enabled, on the same right-click menu, select properties. Select the Driver tab and then Roll back driver. It should roll back to the previous driver version.

Good luck // Arturo
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Re: update HP dvd writer 200j

I was so glad to find this forum and other people who were having the same problem. What worked for me was a recent firmware update. It made the Hp dvd writer 200j compatable with the newer 8x dvd+r. It still writes at the slower speed, but can operate with the faster dvd+rs.

Go to


choose download drivers and software
for HP dvd writer 200j

next page
from the list HP dvd writer 200i

Next Your operating system

Next 200 series firmware Update Utility Released 3/2004

Good luck!
Anthony Reyes
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Re: update HP dvd writer 200j

I was not able to download the patch... it doesn't have an estimated time and it doesn't show the speed at which it is downloading. I'm assuming that it is faulty??? Anyone have a link to a different server hosting this patch?
Samuel J. Freeman
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Re: update HP dvd writer 200j

I can download firmware upgrade, but during install it tells me it cannot find any HP compatible unit. Any clue?
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Re: update HP dvd writer 200j

I have downloaded firmware update dvd200_172 and downloaded recordnow and installed both and still my dvd200j doesn't seem to recognise 8x dvd+r media..
Should I just accept it and buy a new drive?
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Re: update HP dvd writer 200j

HI, Thought I'd post again to say that I got my HP dvd writer 200i ('200j' according to XP) to work with 8X media.

I downloaded the firmware update 1.65 and HP Compatability Utility (from 'Support and Drivers' on HP's site - click on previous firmware) and HP Recordnow.
Downside is that Windows Drag and Drop doesn't work and can only burn DVDs using Recordnow which sometimes fails to verify but still burns the disc.

Before doing the above, I had tried firmware 1.72 update but this didn't work. I then contacted HP Customer care. I was told to uninstall (usng device manager) and then reboot to reinstall the Writer 200i drive. Then I was told it was probably a problem due to missing windows components and that I would have to do a full system recovery (uninstall and reinstall windows to its initial factory settings!) I did this and it did no good and took a long, long time!

So if you have a problem with your writer and don't mind having to use Recordnow then going for the older firmware 1.65 update will let you write to 8x media.

I don't know how the drive works with 4x as I haven't got any to try out. As for burning a copy of a DVD movie I don't know but it's just burnt a 3.8GB back up for me fine except that it didn't verify!