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Re: Being billed for lost and defective hard drive

John Valco
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Being billed for lost and defective hard drive

I received a Presario for Christmas that worked for 2 days. Below are work ticket and service numbers given to me over the course of two weeks: 8033474944 and YXH097-01 and YXH0970-02, and 8034183922. After spending hours and hours replacing the hard disk and loading the incorrect recovery disks, finally after 2 weeks my computer is functional. However, now I find that I am being billed for the hard drive that I returned and you can't find. Please look at these work tickets, and all the phone calls and, remove the charge for this hard drive that I returned on January 4th. The customer service that I have received has been painful. I have spent hours and hours gettting a computer to work that should have worked when I got it out of the box, and, now I'm being invoiced for defective hard drive. Please! There must be somebody at your facility that understands something about customer service!
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Re: Being billed for lost and defective hard drive

Hi John,

First of all, you do not seem to understand that HP forum members are nor HP workers or engineers. So your complain should be better placed to HP customers commercial/support service.

This said, you may be wishing to follow a couple of advices expressed below.

1-Warranty was still valid when the first incidents occurred. So don't pay and explain why to HP . I mean : send them a registred letter with an aknowledgement of receip.

2-Approach the reseller for support and/or a custommers' defense union as appropriate.

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