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HP Scam

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HP Scam

Very upset. I purchased a new computer so that I could create documents. I purchased the HP all-in-one and was told, as advertised, that it came with MS office. After seting it up, MS Office asked for my Product Key# "25 charaters found on the packaging". Nope, no such thing. According to "Colleen" from HP, this happens and there is no such thing found on the packaging and that I would have to discuss with MS. She transferred my call to "Guvind" from MS. He said it was HP that lied. I threw a fit. I was scammed into buying this product by HP, told HP knew this, was told as much by Colleen, an HP person, and MS is telling me this as well. So who is telling the truth? Does it matter? I still am without MS office, my reason for purchasing the product! Guvind transferred me to his "Sales Manager" , "Kate B.", who told me that she had no idea what I was talking about. Then later she said that it comes with the purchase and Wal-Mart had to give me the Product Key# at the time of purchase. Then, she later said that I would have to buy the license separately, So which is it "Kate B.", Sales Manager? She then said she would pass my case # along to yet another liar to "investigate". Sounds like a scam to me. The public will be made a ware of this big scam. All I wanted was MS office as advertised and assured at the time of purchase!

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